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Whether you attended one of our Contractor Showcases, Hardscape Summits or are attending your first Live Webinar, you’re guaranteed to get a day that really… makes the grade!

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The latest mix of technical know-how and best-kept business secrets has kept hardscapers coming back to the Showcase for the last 14 years.​

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From the comfort of your home, gain the competitive edge you’ll need to succeed in 2020! From social media to recruitment and retention, we’re covering all the bases to ensure your business prospers this year!

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Interact with our experts through our live chats! They will be available to answer your questions or to chat about industry-related topics. You’ve got their attention. What’s on your mind?

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Best of all, you get to elevate your business and interact with industry experts from the comfort of your home. No need to leave the house, we’re bringing our knowledge to you! So sit back, relax and get a jump-start on the season!